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Worship in-person or online.

Sunday Service: 10 a.m. (announcements) & 10:15 a.m. (worship service)


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Meeting Needs, Transforming Lives by the Power of Jesus 

Focused on serving God in the neighborhood surrounding the church and the City of Paterson with all power and excellence derived from the Holy Spirit.

MACRC provides an inter-generational diverse and vibrant atmosphere of worship that’s uplifting,

Spirit-filled and transformational.


Core Values

Making Disciples

We value making more and better disciples of children, youth and adults who

transform lives and communities for Christ.

Cultural Diversity 
We value being a church of all nations and cultures as we exist in diversity & unity.
Serving Neighbors
We value serving our neighbors in word and deed as we represent Christ to them so
they represent Christ to others.

Starring MACRC's Children's Worship Kids: Devin Tolliver, Xavier and Alex Brown, Norah Anderson, Samuel and Charissa; Followed by Director of Worship Ron Foster performing "Covered by His Blood."

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